Smarter Apps Guidelines

User and Network Friendly Applications

Smartphones and smartphone applications have established themselves as a major success story in the industry over the past few years. As the number of smartphones and smartphone applications has increased the industry has learnt much on how to create efficient applications for smartphones.

Smarter Apps Guidelines Now Online

The GSMA has created a set of guidelines for application developers that will enable improvements across a number of areas including application connectivity, power consumption, network reliability and security. By following these guidelines developers will be better equipped to create fit-for-purpose apps; mobile operators will see a reduced strain on their networks; and users will experience more responsive and reliable apps and improved battery life.

To access this wealth of free up-to-date content, visit the Smarter Apps Guidelines webpages here.

GSMA Smarter App Challenge

The GSMA Smarter App Challenge showcased apps from around the world. The overall winner was Jun-Ho Choi from Seoul, South Korea, with his photo magazine Flow-IT Restaurant App, seen here receiving his $10,000 first prize from GSMA CTO and Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Sinclair.

first prize from GSMA CTO and Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Sinclair

Shortlisted Entries

Free AT&T Testing Tool for App Developers

The Smarter App Challenge was supported by GSMA mobile operator members around the world. Special thanks go to AT&T Labs Developer Program, KT Econovation, NSN Smart Lab, Wholesale Apps Community, DT, Telecom Italia and Microsoft Windows Phone 7. To register for future contests please go to

NSN Smarter Lab Test Report

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